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Stability Analysis of Active Queue Management Algorithms in Input and Output Queued Switches in Heterogeneous Networks


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Author list: Popov, Oliver;Rahmani, Rahim

Publisher: IEEE conference proceedings

Publication year: 2005

Start page: 579

End page: 584

Number of pages: 6

ISBN: 953-7138-02-X


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The focus of the paper is the implementation of a class of active queue management algorithms (AQM). Their measure of congestion includes packet arrival rate such as REM and Adaptive AQM (AAQM) with respect to a combined input and output queued (CIOQ) switch. The selection of parameters for the congestion controllers at the sources and the AQM scheme at the links prove to be essential for ensuring stability. A structure with one AQM per output port is proposed and consequently followed by the analysis of the constraints on the switch fabric speed imposed by it. A three queue model of a CIOQ switch is developed and simulated to validate the design and compare its performance with a RED queue switch.


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