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What values are included in Quality Culture? – A theoretical and practical collaboration


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Författarlista: Bäckström, Ingela

Publikationsår: 2016


Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to describe a collaboration between academia and practitioners where the aim was reach agreement on the Quality Culture content.

Methodology/approach – A project with the aim to measure and develop Quality Culture started in 2015. The overall aim of the project was to create new knowledge and insights about 1) what quality culture is, 2) what quality culture consists of, 3) how quality culture can be measured and 4) how it can be developed. In this paper the work to meet the first and second aim and the results of that work are presented.

Findings – A framework for quality culture consisting of supportive and obstructive behaviours developed in collaboration between academia and practitioners. The paper includes a description of how practitioners and researchers can work together to develop a shared set of values.


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