Estimation of a basal area growth model for individual trees in uneven-aged Caspian mixed species forests

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Author list: Olsson, Leif
Publication year: 2017
ISSN: 1007-662X


The aim of this study was to estimate a basal area growth model for individual trees in uneven-aged Caspian forests. A survey was conducted in order to find a natural forest without any harvesting activities, a so called ‘untouched forest’ and an area was selected from the Iranian Caspian forest. Three sample plots in the same aspect and of the same forest type were selected. In each plot, total tree height, diameter at breast height, distance of neighbor trees and azimuth were measured. Thirty trees were selected and drilled with increment borer to determine the increment model. Regression analysis was used to estimate the growth model. Results show that, for individual trees, there is a significant nonlinear relationship between the annual basal area increment, as the dependent variable, and the basal area. The results also show that the basal area of competing trees has a positive influence on growth. That the increment is higher with more competing neighboring trees is possibly because plots with higher volume per hectare and more competition, most likely also have higher site index or better soil or better site productivity than the plot with lower volume per hectare.

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