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A note on the nonlinear mechanical behavior of planar random network structures subjected to in-plane compression

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Author list: Isaksson, Per;Åslund, Pär
Publication year: 2011
Start page: 2697
End page: 2703
Number of pages: 7
ISSN: 0021-9983
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The microstructural effect on the mechanical behavior of idealized two-dimensional random fiber networks subjected to in-plane compression is studied. A finite element model utilizing nonlinear beam elements assuming a linearly elastic material is developed. On a macroscopic level, random fiber networks often display an asymmetric material behavior when loaded in tension and compression. In mechanical models, this nonlinearity is traditionally described using continuum elastic-inelastic and/or damage models even though using a continuum approach risks overlooking microstructural effects. It is found that even though a linear elastic material model is used for the individual fibers, the network gives a nonlinear response in compression. The nonlinearity is found to be caused by buckling of individual fibers. This reversible nonlinear mechanism is limited in tensile loading and hence offers an alternative explanation to the global asymmetry of random fiber networks.

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