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Capacity Comparisons of Wireless Indoor Networks with Non-uniform User Distribution


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Author list: Pettersson, Stefan

Publication year: 2002

Start page: 255

End page: 258

Number of pages: 4


Three different types of channel allocation methods are compared for wireless indoor networks having non-uniform user distributions. Capacity comparisons are made for networks using centralized, distributed and fixed channel allocation. The case with uniform user distribution will be used as a performance reference for all allocation methods. Sector antennas are used as a means to improve the system performance when the users are not evenly distributed over the area. All the compared networks with different allocation methods lose performance with non-uniform user distribution. Centralized networks suffer more from capacity loss than the other networks in our investigations, although the performance is still higher in all situations for the centralized scheme. Simulation results show that sector antennas improve the performance for all channel allocation methods and that the largest improvement can be seen for networks using fixed channel allocation.


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