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Demo: SRAM FPGA based Wireless Smart Camera: SENTIOF-CAM

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Author list: Imran, Muhammad;Lawal, Najeem;O’Nils, Mattias
Publication year: 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4503-2925-5


Wireless Sensor Networks applications with huge amount of datarequirements are attracting the utilization of high performanceembedded platforms i.e. Field Programmable Gate Arrays(FPGAs) for in-node sensor processing. However, the designcomplexity, high configuration and static energies of SRAMFPGAs impose challenges for duty cycled applications. In thisdemo, we demonstrate the functionality of SRAM FPGA basedwireless vision sensor node called SENTIOF-CAM. Thedemonstration shows that by using intelligent techniques, a lowenergy and low complexity SRAM FPGA based wireless visionsensor node can be realized for duty cycled applications.

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