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SMART: a Light Field image quality dataset


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Author list: Olsson, Roger;Sjöström, Mårten

Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Publication year: 2016

Start page: 374

End page: 379

Number of pages: 6



In this article, the design of a Light Field image datasetis presented. The availability of an image dataset is use-ful for design, testing, and benchmarking Light Field imageprocessing algorithms. As rst step, the image content se-lection criteria have been dened based on selected imagequality key-attributes, i.e. spatial information, colorfulness,texture key features, depth of eld, etc. Next, image sceneshave been selected and captured by using the Lytro IllumLight Field camera. Performed analysis shows that the con-sidered set of images is sucient for addressing a wide rangeof attributes relevant to assess Light Field image quality.


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