A method for selective removal of ray cells from cellulose pulp CA 2524177 A1


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Författarlista: Engstrand, Per

Publikationsår: 2004



The content of ray cells in cellulose pulp causes problems and therefore these ray cells should be removed from the cellulose pulp to improve the pulp quality. The present invention makes this possible and comprises a method wherein at first an advancing pulp suspension is screened or vortex cleaned, (3) leading to the formation of an accept pulp fraction (4) and a reject pulp fraction (5) and that the reject pulp fraction is cleaned and divided, and that accepted material (pulp fibres and valuable fine material) is brought to further treatment and/or use. The invention is characterized in that the cleaning and division of the reject pulp suspension is carried out so that substantially all ray cells are present in the apex fraction of a fractionating cyclone (6) (if that is the kind of device used) and in that said fraction as such constitutes a very limited material stream, or in that a very limited material stream, predominantly containing ray cells is selected from the apex fraction, and in that this very limited material stream is brought to a disposal stage.


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