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A Meta Comparison of Emprical Brand Metrics and Models for Tourism Destinations


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Author list: Chekalina, Tatiana;Fuchs, Matthias

Publisher: Institute For Tourism Studies

Place: Macao SAR, China

Publication year: 2009

Start page: 130

End page: 141

Number of pages: 12

ISBN: 978-99937-51-32-8


The concept of customer-based brand equity (CBBE) and related measurement issues have recently attracted significant attention in tourism research (Pike, 2009; Boo et al., 2009). However, the complex and multi-dimensional nature of tourism destinations challenge the traditional approach towards the brand, its constructs (e.g. awareness, image, quality, loyalty, etc.) and measurement scales. Nevertheless, a number of empirically validated destination performance models found in the recent tourism literature share many similarities with the CBBE model in terms of structure and employed survey-based metrics. The aim of this study is to conduct a meta-comparison between a set of destination performance models and the CBBE model proposed and verified in a tourism destination context by Boo et al. (2009). The proposed comparison framework grounded in marketing and tourism literature is utilized in order to deduce a parsimonious and comprehensive set of destination brand metrics, relevant model dimensions, as well as empirically validated causal relationships.


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