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Weighting Under Ambiguous Preferences and Imprecise Differences in a Cardinal Rank Ordering Process


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Författarlista: Larsson, Aron

Författare: Taylor & Francis Group

Publikationsår: 2013

Startsida: 105

End page: 112

Antal sidor: 8

ISSN: 1875-6883




The limited amount of good tools for supporting elicitation of preference information in multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) causes practical problem. In our experiences, this can be remedied by allowing more relaxed input statements from decision-makers, causing the elicitation process to be less cognitively demanding. Furthermore, it should not be too time consuming and must be able to actually use of the information the decision-maker is able to supply. In this paper, we propose a useful weight elicitation method for MAVT/MAUT decision making, which builds on the ideas of rank-order methods, but increases the precision by adding numerically imprecise cardinal information as well.


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