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Story, Narrative and Storyteller in IS Research


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Author list: Persson Slumpi, Thomas

Publication year: 2007


The use of stories and narratives in the design process is something that been around for a while, both in Information systems (IS) -research and -practice. However, the impact this use have had on the IS-field is not clear. In this paper this impact is investigated by a scan of articles in journals that can be viewed as good representatives for IS mainstream research, and to a less extent representatives for more innovative approaches. It is also investigated how stories and narratives can inform the design process, and if and how IS researchers have addressed information technological artefacts (ITA) as storytellers. The results of this scan is categorised into four categories, form, object, method and theory, which mirrors how the concepts is used as well as how the concepts can inform the design process. In this scan it also becomes clear that the narrator or the storyteller nor the activities of narrating or storytelling is in focus in any of the articles. It is argued in this paper that viewing ITAs as storytellers might have implication for design and can complement the change focus often present in design projects with a storytelling focus.


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