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Teachers’ Perceptions of Gender Differences : What about Boys and Girls in the Classroom?


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Författarlista: Åhslund, Ingela

Publikationsår: 2018

Startsida: 28

End page: 44

Antal sidor: 17

ISSN: 1694-2493



The aim of this study was to describe how primary school teachers perceive differences in behaviour and learning between boys and girls in relation to their teaching and methods. A quantitative approach was used in this study, and the analysis was built on descriptive statistics and bivariate correlations. The results show that the teachers had a positive view of their teaching. However, they generally had low expectations of the boys. The teachers also perceived that they made a great effort to adapt the teaching according to the students prerequisites and needs. Individual work was a frequently used teaching method, although this was perceived as unfavorable for the boys’ learning. The boys’ behaviours were perceived as negative for learning, the boys were described as dependent, idle, and unmotivated. Negative characteristics might affect the teachers’ expectations of high learning outcomes, and may ultimately affect the boys’ school performances. The result of this study emphasizes the importance of that teachers reflect on their teaching methods in relation to boys, and girls’ prerequisites in the classroom.


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