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An Empirical Study of Determinants of E-Commerce Adoption in SMEs in Vietnam : An Economy in Transition


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Subtitle: An Economy in Transition

Author list: Truex, Duane

Publication year: 2012

Start page: 23

End page: 54

Number of pages: 32

ISSN: 1062-7375


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Experts and business pundits forecasted drastic changes in Vietnams fledgling e-commerce when the Southeast Asian country became an official member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2007. Over the past few years, as part of the Reform - called Doi moi - some Vietnamese enterprises have adopted e-commerce and already benefitted from it. In this research, the authors adapt the Technology-Organization-Environment (TOE) framework and test a model of e-commerce adoption including numerous internal and external factors identified in empirical studies. The final sample of 926 small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam includes both adopter and non-adopter firms. The policy implications of this study on promoting e-commerce adoption by SMEs in transition economies, such as Vietnam, are discussed.


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