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Assumptions about human nature : A comparison of implicit and explicit personality theories


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Subtitle: A comparison of implicit and explicit personality theories

Author list: Hochwälder, Jacek

Publication year: 2000

Start page: 611

End page: 622

Number of pages: 12

ISSN: 0033-2941

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Hjelle and Ziegler (1981) believe that peoples positions on nine fundamental dimensions of human nature affect their personality theories, and that differences between people on these dimensions contribute to differences between their personality theories. The present study was conducted in order to obtain information about the ordinary persons position on these dimensions and to compare the ordinary persons position with 10 personality theorists positions. 84 subjects rated their positions on each of nine Ii-step bipolar dimensions. The following results were obtained: (1) According to the ordinary person, the human being is free, changeable, influenced by the subjective world of experience, a product of the environment, and best understood from a holistic perspective; (2) The position of the ordinary person is most similar to Allports position, and least similar to Skinners position. The results are discussed in light of the relation between implicit (lay) and explicit (scientific) theories of personality.


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