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Mens descriptions of their experience of nonmalignant pain of fibromyalgia type


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Author list: Danielson, Ella;Paulson, Margareta

Publication year: 2001

Start page: 54

End page: 59

Number of pages: 6

ISSN: 0283-9318


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The purpose of this study was to gather mens descriptions of their experience of nonmalignant pain of fibromyalgia (FM) type in order to to gain a deeper understanding of this phenomenon. Fourteen men participated in the study. A qualitative method with narrative interviews and content analysis were used. The findings showed that the mens experience of pain fell within two major themes: ""perceptions of diversified bodily pain"" and ""perceptions of fluctuating pain"". The pain had progressed from being local to being widespread. Characteristic was that the men described both pain that worried them and pain that did not worry them and also that the pain passed through both calm and difficult phases. This study highlights the importance of acknowledgement that men had specific experiences and used metaphorical expressions to make the pain visible. The clinical indication in this study is that health care staff need to listen intently to each mans experience of long-term pain that involve a great variety of both bodily and emotional symptoms. These findings are a crucial prerequisite for the health care staffs possibility to offer support and relief to men with pain of FM type.


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