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An active queue management algorithm for congestion detection and control in dynamic network topologies


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Author list: Popov, Oliver;Popova, Iskra;Rahmani, Rahim

Publisher: SRCE University Computing Centre

Place: Zagreb

Publication year: 2004

Start page: 263

End page: 267

Number of pages: 5

ISBN: 953-96769-9-1;980-6560-13-2


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One of the main objectives of Active Queue Management (AQM) mechanisms is to provide low delay and low packet loss in best-effort service networks. Nevertheless, AQM algorithms exhibit some weaknesses in the process of congestion detection and congestion whenever we have a dynamic network topology. The paper proposes a new AQM algorithm termed as Adaptive AQM (AAQM) to attain both fairness and congestion control in heterogeneous networks. The performance of AAQM is compared to Blue, Drop-tail, RED and REM using both Reno and Vegas version of TCP. The results based on a large series of simulations with ns (network simulator) indicate that AAQM using Reno is more robust, which means that it is highly responsive to the time-varying state of the network.


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