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STC-CAM1, IR-visual based smart camera system


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Author list: Imran, Muhammad;Kardeby, Victor;ONils, Mattias

Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Publication year: 2015

Start page: 195

End page: 196

Number of pages: 2

ISBN: 978-145033681-9



Safety-critical applications require robust and real-time surveillance. For such applications, a vision sensor alone can give false positive results because of poor lighting conditions, occlusion, or different weather conditions. In this work, a visual sensor is complemented by an infrared thermal sensor which makes the system more resilient in unfavorable situations. In the proposed camera architecture, initial data intensive tasks are performed locally on the sensor node and then compressed data is transmitted to a client device where remaining vision tasks are performed. The proposed camera architecture is demonstrated as a proof-ofconcept and it offers a generic architecture with better surveillance while only performing low complexity computations on the resource constrained devices.


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