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Base Sheet Structures that Control Coating Uniformity: Effects of Length Scale


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Author list: Dahlström, Christina;Norgren, Magnus;Uesaka, Tetsu

Publisher: TAPPI Press

Publication year: 2008

Start page: 124

End page: 133

Number of pages: 10

ISBN: 1595101748;978-159510174-7


Characterization of the base sheet properties and coating layer properties was performed by using scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of paper cross-sections and image analysis. Frequency analysis was used to study how the base sheet properties affect coating thickness uniformity at different length scales. Samples analysed were Lightweight Coated (LWC) base sheets blade-coated on only one side with coat weights of 12 and 22 g/m2. A number of images were taken in sequence giving a total length of more than 6 mm. The results showed that the surface height variations of the base sheet control coating uniformity in the entire examined length scale, but with different mechanisms. At short wavelengths the coating mechanism was “level coating” where the coating suspension fills small pores (“levels”), whereas at longer wavelengths the coating suspension follows the surface profile and “contour coating” becomes more prevalent. In other words, the level- and contour-coatings represent the coating mechanisms in different length scales. Surface height variations can be explained by base sheet thickness only at short wavelengths, but at all other wavelengths the surface height variations were very much independent of the base sheet structure properties measured.


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