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Monte Carlo simulations of the imaging properties of scintillator coated X-ray pixel detectors


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Author list: Abdallah, Munir;Dubaric, Ervin;Fröjdh, Christer;Hjelm, Mats;Nilsson, Hans-Erik

Publisher: IEEE conference proceedings

Publication year: 2000

Start page: 6/282

End page: 6/285

ISBN: 0-7803-6503-8



The imaging properties of X-ray pixel detectors depend on the quantum efficiency for X-rays, the generated signal for each X-ray photon and the distribution of the generated signal between different pixels. In a scintillator coated device the signal is generated both by X-ray photons captured in the scintillator and by X-ray photons captured directly in the semiconductor. Hence, the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in the image is then a function of the number of photons captured in each of these processes, and the yield of each process, in terms of electron-hole pairs (EHPs) produced in the semiconductor. The full process from the absorption of the X-ray photon to the final signal read out from the detector has been simulated with a combination of the Monte Carlo program MCNP and the commercial carrier transport simulation tool MEDICI. An in house program calculating the light transport between the scintillator and the semiconductor serves as a link


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