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10th International Conference on Computing and Information ICCI 2000, Vol nn, pp. xxx-yyy, Al Kuwait, Kuwait, nov. ICCI, Springer-Verlag.


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Författarlista: Malmberg, Åke

Publikationsår: 2000


Knowledge acquisition involving several experts in different time and different places is difficult to perform with old technologies. Internet, Virtual Spaces and 3-D Graphics offer new methods and technologies for the knowledge acquisition process. The knowledge is in this approach represented by an artefact in the virtual space and the incremental growth of knowledge is visualised by the artefact growing during the process. Our work differs from other approaches in that the experts may move, meet and communicateinside the artefact.Beyond the visualised artefact, hidden from the domain experts, is a notation, based on SGML, describing the artefact at some level of granularity. We implement different views of the artefact and discuss how they maycontribute to knowledge acquisition.


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