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Lightweight Group-Key Establishment Protocol for IoT Devices: Implementation and Performance Analyses


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Author list: Gebremichael, Teklay

Publisher: IEEE

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: 978-1-5386-9585-2


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In the context of Internet of Things (IoT), groupcommunication is an efficient and fast way of broadcastinggroup messages. The message needs to be sent securely tomaintain confidentiality of data and privacy of users. Estab-lishing cryptographically secure communication links betweena group of transceivers requires the pre-agreement upon somekey, unknown to an external attacker. Complex and resource-intensive security schemes are infeasible for devices with limitedcomputational capabilities. In this paper, we implement alightweight and computationally secure group key establish-ment scheme suitable for resource constrained IoT networks.The proposed scheme is based on elliptic curve cryptographyand cryptographic one-way accumulators. We analyze its fea-sibility by implementing it in the Contiki operating system andsimulating it with the Cooja simulator. The simulation resultsdemonstrate the feasibility of the scheme and its computationaland communication costs are also comparable with otherexisting approaches, with an energy consumption of only 109mJ per node for group key establishment.


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