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Surface roughness measurement on machined surfaces using angular speckle correlation


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Author list: Persson, Ulf

Publication year: 2006

Start page: 233

End page: 238

Number of pages: 6

ISSN: 0924-0136


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Surface roughness is of great importance in fields, such as tribology, semiconductor technology and medicine. Stylus techniques, in which a stylus is drawn along the surface and the vertical movement of the stylus is recorded, have been used traditionally in measuring surface roughness. Non-contact methods, such as optical ones, have the advantage that they can be used for the in-process measurement of surface roughness. In this paper, results of the measurement of surface roughness using angular speckle-correlation on machined surfaces are presented. Surfaces of approximately 1.6 < R-a < 6.3 mu m have been measured, the surfaces being classified in the same manner as when using a stylus instrument. ASC is a technique that also allows in-process measurement of the roughness of surfaces on machined surfaces. A new technique to achieve increased repeatability by using an angle detection unit is also presented in this paper. (c) 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


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