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A Prescriptive Approach for Eliciting Imprecise Weight Statements in an MCDA Process


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Author list: Ekenberg, Love;Larsson, Aron

Publisher: Springer

Place: Berlin / Heidelberg

Publication year: 2009

Start page: 168

End page: 179

Number of pages: 12

ISBN: 978-3-642-04427-4



In this article, we discuss decision making involving multiple objectives (MCDA) and especially the lack of more prescriptively useful elicitation methods for weights within MCDA. We highlight the discrepancy between how elicitation is handled in current decision analysis applications and the abilities of real decision-makers to provide what is required from them. Based on theory and highlighted problems with current methods, we propose a novel approach for weight elicitation which relaxes the need for numeric preciseness from decision-makers and reduces some of the practical issues related to such processes. The method is tested in a comparative study, as well as employed in a real-life case study.


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