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Childrens view of a major depression affecting a parent in the family


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Author list: Danielson, Ella

Publication year: 2011

Start page: 560

End page: 567

Number of pages: 8

ISSN: 0161-2840



This study aims to elucidate, from the childrens perspective, the meaning for family life of a parent suffering a major depression disorder. Eight children and young adults were interviewed. Phenomenological-hermeneutic analysis generated two themes: (1) ""Being a rescuing observer"" with the subthemes, ""Being attentive"" and ""Being considerate,"" and (2) ""Being a frustrated observer"" with the subthemes, ""feeling discomfort"" and ""being out of it."" Childrens lives alternate between responsibility and loneliness as they wait for reciprocity in family life to return to normal. Children need support in order to manage their sense of responsibility and loneliness adequately.


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