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Ward visits- one essential step in intensive care follow-up : An interview study with critical care nurses’ and ward nurses’


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Author list: Häggström, Marie

Publication year: 2018

Start page: 21

End page: 27

Number of pages: 7

ISSN: 0964-3397


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Objective: The aim of this study was to describe critical care nurses’ and ward nurses’ perceptions of the benefits and challenges with a nurse-led follow-up service for intensive care-survivors at general wards. Background: Patients recently transferred from intensive care to the general ward are still vulnerable and require complex care. There are different models of intensive care follow-up services and some include ward visits after transfer from intensive care. Research methodology/design: This study had a qualitative design. Data from 13 semi-structured interviews with Swedish critical care nurses and ward nurses were analysed using qualitative content analysis. Findings: The findings consisted of one theme, namely, “Being a part of an intra-organisational collaboration for improved quality of care”, and four subthemes: “Provides additional care for the vulnerable patients, “Strengthens ward-based critical care”, “Requires coordination and information”, and “Creates an exchange of knowledge”. The nurse-led follow-up service detected signs of deterioration and led to better quality of care. However, shortage of time, lack of interaction, feedback and information about the function of the follow-up service led to problems. Conclusion: The findings indicate that ward visits should be included in the intensive care follow-up service. Furthermore, intra-organisational collaboration seems to be essential for intensive care survivors’ quality of care.


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