The feminist origins of the Swedish Red Cross


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Author list: Deland, Mats

Edition name or number: 1

Publisher: Routledge

Place: London

Publication year: 2018

Book title (if part of a book): International Humanitarian Law and Justice : Historical and Sociological Perspectives

Start page: 212

End page: 224

Number of pages: 13

ISBN: 9781138477551;9781351104432


This chapter gives an overview of the developments that led to the formation of the Swedish branch of the Red Cross (or, as it was called at that time, “The voluntary society for the succour of wounded and sick on the battlefield”) between the spring of 1864 and the summer of 1865. I will explain how the founding of the Swedish Red Cross became part of feminist strategy before I proceed to investigate the limits that religious doctrine at the time put to feminist action. The rest of the paper will show how the feminists activists grappled with these difficulties in a way that made their contribution less well known than it would otherwise have been.


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