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The importance of the experimental method when evaluating the quality of fines of mechanical pulps

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Author list: Htun, Myat;Höglund, Hans
Publication year: 2000
Start page: 301
End page: 307
Number of pages: 7
ISSN: 0826-6220
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Changes in properties of TMP fines brought about by the method of fractionation were investigated. Fines fractionated from white water by Baller McNett showed a higher tensile index and a lower light absorption compared with fines obtained using a Britt dynamic drainage jar (BDDJ). This was attributed to the large volume of tap water and thus more extensive washing of the fines in the Bauer McNett. This was strongly supported by the fact that acetone extraction improved the strength properties of these fines drastically. Fines fractionated from a fresh TMP by the Bauer McNett had a stronger light absorption and lower light scattering than those obtained by the BDDJ. This was attributed to the use of tap water and the loss of small particles in the Bauer McNett. Since the washing of mechanical pulp influences the properties significantly, the BDDJ method is recommended because it uses less water and of a more defined quality than does the Bauer McNett.

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