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What about trust in the cloud? : Archivists’ views on trust


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Subtitle: Archivists’ views on trust

Author list: Borglund, Erik A. M.

Publication year: 2015

Start page: 114

End page: 127

Number of pages: 14

ISSN: 1195-096X

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More and more information is “going to the cloud,” including records and archives. This article focuses on understanding trust-in-cloud solutions from an archivist’s perspective, exploring whether cloud computing has changed the archivist’s role and how archivists respond to cloud-related problems and challenges. Twelve archivists in Sweden were interviewed in Swedish. They describe changes in their role due to cloud computing and services in the domain of archival science. Their role has changed from being reactive to becoming proactive, guarding not only the organization’s needs and assets but also its archival records. Working proactively implies guaranteeing that requirements are updated and that contracts and agreements between the organization and cloud service provider are correct. The research shows that trust consists of several dimensions and cannot be easily achieved with technical solutions. Organizations’ risk-tolerance levels have also changed to take advantage of the benefits and savings that cloud services provide for organizations.


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