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Where do you think the water comes from? Teacher-pupil dialogues about water as an environmental phenomenon


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Author list: Åberg-Bengtsson, Lisbeth

Publication year: 2010

Start page: 313

End page: 333

Number of pages: 21

ISSN: 0031-3831



This article presents results from a study of 36 pupils (8-10 years of age) in face-to-face conversations with their teachers about water as an environmental phenomenon based on a photograph of a rainforest. The teachers rather vague goal was to have the pupils talk about the water cycle. The sessions were audio-recorded and analyzed with respect to: (1) scaffolding strategies used by the teachers, (2) possible implications of these strategies on the pupils sense-making, and (3) what accounts of the water cycle as a school-science learning-content were made. Three different patterns of scaffolding strategies were found. Some pupils did not even come close to talking about the water cycle, whereas others arrived at a rather fragmented picture. © 2010 Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research.


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