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Lightweight IoT Group Key Establishment Scheme from the One Time Pad

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Author list: Gebremichael, Teklay
Publisher: IEEE
Publication year: 2019
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Secure group communication in the Internet ofThings (IoT) entails the establishment and management of one or more group keys to provide group security services such as confidentiality of group messages. The main challenges in establishing a group key consist in designing a group key establishment scheme that is feasible for nodes with limited computational capabilities. In this paper, we propose a lightweight group key establishment scheme based on fast symmetric-key encryption. We show a mechanism for designing a lightweight and secure IoT group key establishment and management scheme whose security is underpinned by the perfect secrecy provided by the One-time-pad. We then argue that the scheme is convenient for IoT group applications where nodes are resource-constrained. We prove that our scheme is secure under a threat model where the attacker has sufficiently large computational power. We also prove that the scheme provides desired group security properties such as confidentiality, key secrecy and independent group session keys generation.

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