The impact of shareholding networks for facilitating care in rural Thailand

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Författarlista: Hellzén, Ove;Voraroon, Supaporn
Publikationsår: 2019
ISSN: 0197-4572


This study explored the existential meaning of being a participant in shareholding networks for the care of older people in Thailand. Ten older persons were interviewed about their experiences of participating in the networks. A reflective lifeworld perspective based on phenomenological philosophy was used. The findings show that participating in shareholding network activities entails an always-present existence of aging intertwined with life. Its constituents further describe the essential meaning of the phenomenon: “experience of improved self-management”, “feeling of increased self-esteem”, and “bridging a gap in the care of older people”. Participation in shareholding network activities means keeping contact with oneself and being able to have a life that corresponds to how one perceives oneself to be and must therefore be understood from a holistic perspective. The present study recommends that older persons’ need for support include places where safe and profound reflection on existential issues.

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