Experimental Design in Teaching Crisis and Emergency Management in Social Sciences : The Case of the RCR Lab at Mid Sweden University

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Author list: Kolmodin, Sophie
Publication year: 2019
Start page: 92
End page: 100
Number of pages: 9
ISSN: 0280-7270

This short paper is a case study of the RCR Lab located at the campus of Mid Sweden

University in Northern Sweden. We argue that experimental design thinking in research

and higher education in the fields of crisis and emergency management in social studies

can ameliorate the post hoc methodological problem and shed light in the decision

processes and information flow among first responders as well as public officials of various

levels. The RCR Lab may be used as an enhanced, realistic space for the enrichment of

role-playing and simulations, to activate students, as well as a sophisticated tool for the

collection not only of quantitative, but also of qualitative data. The audience for this paper

may be institutions of higher education that have a lab on campus and are looking for new

ways of utilizing it, as well as educators in general who are looking for new ways to

integrate experimental thinking in their classes.

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