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Biorefining of Spruce TMP Process Water : Selective Fractionation of Lipophilic Extractives with Induced Air Flotation and Surface Active Additive


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Author list: YANG J, YANG J, EDLUND H

Publication year: 2019

Start page: 4124

End page: 4135

Number of pages: 12

ISSN: 1930-2126


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Lignocellulose biomass plays an important role in reducing thedependency on fossil fuels and ameliorating the dire consequences ofclimate change. It is therefore important that all the components oflignocellulose biomass are exploited. These components includehemicelluloses and extractives that are liberated and sterically stabilizedduring the thermomechanical pulping and that form the dissolved andcolloidal substance (DCS) in the process water. Biorefining of this processwater can extract these substances, which have a number of promisingapplications and can contribute to the full exploitation of lignocellulosebiomass. This paper presents a simple treatment of unbleached Norwayspruce (Picea abies) process water from TMP (thermomechanical pulping)production using induced air flotation (IAF) and cationic surfactant,dodecyl trimethylammonium chloride (DoTAC) to refine the extractivesand prepare the waters so that hemicellulose could be easily harvested ata later stage. By applying 80 ppm of DoTAC at a pH of 3.5 and 50 °Cbefore induced air flotation, 94% of the lipophilic extractives wererecovered from process water. Dissolved hemicellulose polysaccharideswere cleansed and left in the treated process water. The process enabledefficient biorefining of lipophilic extractives and purification of the processwater to enable more selective harvesting of hemicelluloses in subsequentsteps.


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