Talking about digital textbooks : The teacher perspective

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Author list: Håkansson Lindqvist, Marcia
Publication year: 2019
ISSN: 2056-4880



An increasing amount of students and teachers work in the classroom involves digital technologies such as tablets and laptop computers. The purpose of this paper is to gain insight into the possibilities and challenges related to teachers? use of digital textbooks and, through this work, the conditions for technology-enhanced learning (TEL).

Design/methodology/approach This study was based on interviews with two teachers. In the analysis, The Ecology of Resources Model (Luckin, 2010) was used.

Findings The findings of this study show that teachers see challenges in finding time to review digital textbooks and support the work with the textbooks in the classroom. However, the teachers in this study prioritize this work, seeing it as providing structure and improved accessibility for students.

Practical implications The findings of this study point toward the need to support teachers in their work with reviewing and using digital textbooks, as well as other digitalized resources. How schools as organizations can support teachers activities, both individually and collaboratively, will be important. If this work is supported it may, in turn, have impact on TEL and promoting students use of digital textbooks and improving student outcomes.

Originality/value This small study provides interesting insights into how teachers prioritize their work with digital textbooks to, despite challenges related to time, individualize and support students work with digital textbooks and other digital resources. Research on teachers use of digital textbooks in practice is limited.

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