Destination governance transitions in skiing destinations : A perspective on resortisation

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Author list: Nordin, Sara
Publication year: 2019
Start page: 24
End page: 37
Number of pages: 14
ISSN: 2211-9736


While destination governance has grown into a mature research field, the dynamic analysis of destination governance transitions remains in its infancy. Therefore, this paper analyses and compares the destination governance transitions in the successful skiing destinations of Åre (Sweden), Whistler (Canada) and Dolomites (Italy). This multiple case study unveils development patterns in governance transitions and investigates the factors that trigger such transitions. In particular, the paper investigates whether leading skiing destinations get increasingly corporatised and ‘resortisised’. It also scrutinises what could trigger processes of ‘resortisation’ and focuses on the impact of crises. The study finds that governance is an adaptive phenomenon that transforms over time, but no strictly uniform transition pattern is detected. While differences arise from varying starting conditions and crises, the commonality is to be found in an apparent convergence of destination governance towards an intermediate stage of ‘socially licensed resorts’ with a minimum of community acceptance.

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