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Principal Factors Controlling Web Breaks in Pressrooms : quantitative evaluation


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Subtitle: quantitative evaluation

Author list: Uesaka, Tetsu

Publication year: 2005

Start page: 425

End page: 432

Number of pages: 8

ISSN: 1038-6807

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This paper reviews recent studies of web breaks in the literature with the main focus on quantitative evaluation of the principal factors controlling breaks. Major conclusions are as follows:The presence of macroscopic defects does not induce breaks, unless the size of the defects exceeds a certain value or tension surges coincide with defect occurrences. In most of todays pressrooms, breaks caused by macro-defects no longer constitute a major portion of web breaks.The majority of web breaks, such as press-related and unknown breaks, are very likely to be caused by tension variations, combined with web strength variations.The paper strength properties controlling pressroom runnability are machine direction tensile strength, strain-to-failure, and the uniformity of tensile strength. The field data demonstrated that tensile strength is the most consistent predictor of web breaks among the routinely measured strength properties of paper, whereas tear strength is not.


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