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Tourism Development in Rural Areas in Sweden In the Shadow of a Well-Established Destination

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Author list: Schmudde, Ulrich
Publication year: 2019


Tourism development is a field that has been studied by researchers for decades. Research has not yet addressed to any larger extent the issue of destinations that are situated in the shadow from a well-established destination. This article defined shadow destinations as destinations that exist in the shadow of a well-established destination with strong and wellknown brands. The well-established destinations have a famous brand and therefore attract many tourists. The shadow destinations on the other hand struggle with their tourism industry and the development of their destination. The aim with this paper was to study destinations in the shadow of well-established destinations with strong brands. The following questions are investigated: How are destinations in the shadow of well-established destinations affected in their tourism development? What are the conditions for tourism development for destinations in the shadow of well-established destinations? How can destinations in the shadow of well-established destinations benefit from the brand of the well-established destination? The study was constructed as a multiple case study where two shadow destinations in a rural setting in the middle of Sweden were chosen. Data was mainly collected from semi-structured interviews with representatives from the municipality, destination marketing organization, tourism companies as well as infrastructure companies. Data was also collected by observations and written materials. The results show that shadow destinations could add value to tourists in well-established destinations by offering an attraction that benefit the tourists. It also shows the importance of networking between the destinations and the usefulness of the well-known brand in their communication towards tourists. The shadow destination could also help a well-known destination to become more sustainable when the pressure of too many tourists of the well-established destinations is reduced. Finally, shadow destinations could create transport routes that make the tourists choose other ways and therefore experience attractions in the shadow destination.

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