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Modelling coating structure development : Monte-Carlo deposition of particles with irregular shapes


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Subtitle: Monte-Carlo deposition of particles with irregular shapes

Author list: Uesaka, Tetsu

Publication year: 2004

Start page: 420

End page: 427

Number of pages: 8

ISSN: 0283-2631



There is an increasing interest in enhancing coated

paper performance by combining the unique properties of

various pigments, i.e. developing multi-pigment coating formulations.

An understanding of the synergy between pigments of

different sizes and shapes is therefore becoming critical. The

literature on this subject is rather empirical and fragmentary. In

this report, we introduce an improved 3D Monte-Carlo deposition

model to simulate coating structure development for irregularly

shaped particles. The model relies on the minimization

of the total energy of the particle system, which is defined as a

sum of three terms: a pair interaction that accounts for collisional

interactions, a gravitational potential energy, and a drag

potential energy that takes into account the drainage rate of the

colour. The model predicts that pigments with higher aspect

ratios give a more porous structure and a smoother surface

when applied at high solids content. Coating at low solids content

(<45-55%) is shown to produce “looser” and more disordered

structures, especially in the case of platelet pigments like

clay. These results agree with practical and experimental observations.

When blending clays with calcium carbonates, the

model predicts the occurrence of maximum pore volume and

surface micro-roughness at specific mixing ratios. The location

of these maxima varies significantly with the particle’s aspect

ratio, the relative size of the blended pigments, and the solids

content of the suspension. With further experimental validation,

this model has the potential of being used as a tool for designing

and optimizing coating formulations.


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