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Networks, ICT level and social consequences – an integrated model for small and medium sized enterprises.

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Author list: Sandberg, Karl W;Vinberg, Stig
Place: San Diego
Publication year: 2000
Start page: 567
End page: 570
Number of pages: 4


This paper focus on conditions and relationships between factors in small and medium sized enterprises related to organizational change and information technology level using an integrated and empirically founded model. Data comes from a study of small and medium sized enterprises in the northern part of Sweden. The design combines a quasi-experimental approach with ideas on concept-driven development and network building research. Concepts and data analysis are multi-level - an individual level with leaders and co-workers in the enterprises as units, and an organizational level, with the enterprises as units. Empirical results of network activities, ICT-level, change competencies, ergonomic and psychosocial tension are presented and related to other relevant research.

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