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Evaluation of embedded camera systems for autonomous wheelchairs


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Author list: Vilar, Cristian

Publisher: SciTePress

Publication year: 2019

Start page: 76

End page: 85

Number of pages: 10

ISBN: 9789897583742

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Autonomously driving Power Wheelchairs (PWCs) are valuable tools to enhance the life quality of their users. In order to enable truly autonomous PWCs, camera systems are essential. Image processing enables the development of applications for both autonomous driving and obstacle avoidance. This paper explores the challenges that arise when selecting a suitable embedded camera system for these applications. Our analysis is based on a comparison of two well-known camera principles, Stereo-Cameras (STCs) and Time-of-Flight (ToF) cameras, using the standard deviation of the ground plane at various lighting conditions as a key quality measure. In addition, we also consider other metrics related to both the image processing task and the embedded system constraints. We believe that this assessment is valuable when choosing between using STC or ToF cameras for PWCs.


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