Sickness presence among Swedish female and male managers


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Author list: Vinberg, Stig

Publication year: 2019

Start page: 643

End page: 644

Number of pages: 2


Purpose: The study investigates sickness presence, health and work-related factors among female and male managers in Swedish public and private organizations. Research indicate that managers have demanding and conflicting psychosocial working conditions and low replace ability,which may contribute to ill health and high sickness presence. Design/Methodology: The data consists of questionnaire answers from 1173 managers (50% women, 50% men) at different Swedish workplaces. The data makes it possible to compare managers at public and private workplaces and different workplace sizes. Results: The managers express high job satisfaction – 86% of public sector managers and 78% of private sector managers. However, 78% of male managers and 81% of female mangers report sickness presence with different time lengths. In addition, the results indicate differences in sickness presence related to manager positions and workplace sizes. Limitations: The study used self-assessments in a cross-sectional design, which does not allow for causal analyses. However, the data covers different workplaces in different Swedish regions. Research/Practical Implications: In politically ruled public sector organizations, the lack of clarity surrounding a manager’s role,responsibility, and decision latitude may create conflicting demands that contribute to highlevels of job strain and stress. Based on these facts, it is of relevance to contribute to knowledge about differences concerning sickness presence among different manager groups. Based on the results, practical implications at a societal and organizational level will be presented. Originality/Value: This research focus is of importance due to that research shows relations between managersand employees health and working conditions.


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