A 2.5 v 600 a mosfet-based DC traction motor


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Författarlista: Cheng, Peng;Haller, Stefan;Oelmann, Bengt

Författare: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Publikationsår: 2019

Startsida: 213

End page: 218

Antal sidor: 6

ISBN: 9781538663769

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/ICIT.2019.8755146


A high copper fill factor allows reducing the resistive losses responsible for more than 50 % of the losses in todays most commonly used electrical motors. Single-turn windings achieve a copper fill factor close to one. Furthermore, they do not suffer from turn to turn faults and provide a low thermal resistance between winding and stator. The reduced EMF of single-turn winding configurations promotes the use of extra-low voltage high current MOSFETs. Rapid development of these MOSFETs allows reversing common design principles to explore new applications, such as battery electric traction drives. This paper presents a 2.5 V 1 kW MOSFET driven 13-phase permanent magnet DC motor with a single-turn winding configuration. The motor prototype with a copper fill factor of 0.84 was tested with continuous drive currents up to 600 A. The measured torque-efficiency map shows that such a high-current concept with voltages below 60 V is feasible using todays extremely low-voltage high current semiconductors. Due to the rapid development of such switches, there is great potential in this concept for further improvements. This work presents a small-scale version of the high-current drive, which is part of the development of an extra-low voltage traction drive concept.


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