Identifying Traces of Boundary Object Properties in Data Hub Development Narratives : Two Cases from Scandinavian Electricity Market


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Author list: Khisro, Jwan

Publication year: 2019


Digital technology enables multi-relational collaborations between parties with different experiences, knowledge, values, and goals. Regarding digital technology triggering enterprise transformation, boundary object as theoretical model for understanding such differences in development is not well understood, especially the ways boundary object emerges in practice. We inquired what traces of boundary object properties can be identified in data hub development narratives. An interpretive approach was chosen for understanding experience-centered narratives that origins from interviews conducted in two separate studies of national development of data hubs for the electricity market in Denmark and Sweden respectively. Through a literature review covering boundary objects, nine prosperities were chosen for the theoretical frame used in the interpretation of the narratives. The conclusion was that boundary object properties were part of the narratives of the data hub developments early on in the in-use taking processes and even before the digital artifact was taken into use.


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