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Is Astacology Environmental Science?


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Author list: van den Brink, Paul

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-952-61-3166-5


Environmental Science aims to study the relationships between human beings influence on and dependence of nature, the interaction and integration of ecological, social and technical systems as well as the strategies for sustainable use of natural resources. The linking of social, ecological and economical aspects in Environmental Science can provide useful tools for the study, management and conservation of freshwater crayfish from a broad social perspective. Therefore, it is of interest to explore the relationships between Environmental Science and Astacology. By analysing the aims of the International Association of Astacology and the content of some volumes of Freshwater Crayfish from an Environmental Science perspective we found that Astacology is operating within the field of Environmental Science. The focus is mainly on identifying underlying mechanisms of environmental issues. We will point out unexplored scientific perspectives and propose some advice of how to study freshwater crayfish from a broad systems perspective.


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