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Efficient integration of voice and data services in wireless local area networks


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Author list: Xu, Youshi

Publisher: IEEE conference proceedings

Publication year: 2000

Start page: 1395

End page: 1399

Number of pages: 5


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We propose a new scheme of mixing speech information, network control message and data information with different priority in PRMA. This proposed PRMA can be viewed as a combined protocol of voice-only PRMA for voice terminals, carrier sense (CS)-slotted ALOHA for network control and CS-TDMA for data terminals. A mechanism for the sensing of hidden transmitting terminals is described. The integrated control packets and data packets do not have any influence on voice transmission. Simulation results show that the delay of network control packets and the channel throughput can be significantly improved, compared to all the other integrated PRMA protocols. This protocol distributes major control to the terminals, which may be extremely useful and important in the future.


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