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A diagnosic framework for eGovernment management


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Author list: Giritli Nygren, Katarina;Lindblad Gidlund, Katarina

Publisher: IADIS Press

Place: Algarve

Publication year: 2008

Start page: 3

End page: 8

Number of pages: 6

ISBN: 978-972-8924-55-3


As earlier research has shown, the ways that local leaders and managers translate the overarching idea of eGovernment cause significant consequences for the overall implementation process. In our own research it has become obvious that inside both the translation and the enactment process are invaluable clues for the eGovernment management embedded. Our findings indicate that it is important to consider managers as local mediators of mega trends and that it is necessary to create knowledge about the diverse translation processes and, by doing so, emphasize enactment rather than vision. In this article we suggest that a method called A diagnostic framework for eGovernment management could be a useful method for researchers as well as eGovernment managers to increase the understanding of the enactment process.


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