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Reception of immigrants among Swedish municipalities


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Author list: Lidén, Gustav

Place: Norrköping

Publication year: 2019


In the field of migration policy, it has become evident that subnational polities are important since they actually deal with local policy efforts in relation to the reception and inclusion of immigrants. In this manuscript, consisting of a draft of one of the chapters from a forthcoming monography that focuses on local migration and integration policy in Sweden, the reception of immigrants in Swedish municipalities is given attention. This mainly descriptive chapter focuses on the numbers that describe Swedish municipalities’ reception of immigrants. This will provide both a comprehensive quantitative review of the complete municipal sector in Sweden based on the issue of immigration but will also make it possible to notice important patterns that have occurred over the years. Considering the temporal focus, the first part of the chapter display data of key variables over long time series whereas the chapter thereafter will distinguish between the situation before and after the policy shifts that occurred in the wake of the refugee crisis in 2015. This design will enable comparisons both over time as well as allow comparisons between Swedish municipalities. In addition to describing the admission of immigrants, some attempts are given to also identify patterns that provide better understanding for the distribution among municipalities.


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