Digital technologies in preschool : Teacher work teams’ use of shared active board


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Författarlista: Håkansson Lindqvist, Marcia

Publikationsår: 2019

Startsida: 132

End page: 143

Antal sidor: 12


This paper explores the possibilities and challenges related to the use of SharedActive Screen (SAS), from the preschool teacher work team perspective. Usinglearning reflections, seven work teams reflected upon the possibilities andchallenges related to the use of SASs. The work teams saw challenges related toaccessibility, time and professional development. Possibilities were the use ofSASs in curriculum-based teaching activities and involving the children incollaborative learning activities. How preschool teacher work teams develop theuse of SASs over time in their teaching activities with preschool children will beimportant for supporting children’s learning with digital technologies.


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