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Design Exploration of Multi-Camera Dome


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Author list: Alqaysi, Hiba

Publisher: ACM Digital Library

Place: New York, NY

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-1-4503-7189-6


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Visual monitoring systems employ distributed smart cameras toeffectively cover a given area satisfying specific objectives. Thechoice of camera sensors and lenses and their deployment affectsdesign cost, accuracy of the monitoring system and the ability toposition objects within the monitored area. Design cost can bereduced by investigating deployment topology such as groupingcameras together to form a dome at a node and optimize it formonitoring constraints. The constraints may include coverage area,number of cameras that can be integrated in a node and pixelresolution at a given distance. This paper presents a method foroptimizing the design cost of multi-camera dome by analyzing tradeoffsbetween monitoring constraints. The proposed method can beused to reduce monitoring cost while fulfilling design objectives.Results show how to increase coverage area for a given cost byrelaxing requirements on design constraints. Multi-camera domescan be used in sky monitoring applications such as monitoring windparks and remote air-traffic control of airports where all-round fieldof view about a point is required to monitor.


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