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Students’ engagement in a new learning environment


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Author list: Oskarsson, Magnus;Westman, Anna-Karin

Publication year: 2018


The aim of this study is to contribute to an increased understanding of how changes in the learning environment can influence students’ motivation in school. The research was conducted in a Swedish primary school in which the learning environments for science have been developed during the last year and the teachers have had in-service training regarding science education. Data has been collected in the form of students’ questionnaires, which were answered by the students every month. Data has also been collected by student interviews in focus groups at the end of the year of the development work. Motivation has proven to be closely related to feelings of competence; autonomy and relatedness and students’ questionnaire as well as the semi-structured interviews included questions about feelings in relation to the school, to the new teaching and learning environment and to science and technology in general. Results presented here show that students like to be in School and appreciate science and technology. Younger students like science and technology compare to other subject to a greater degree than older students do. Students also reports that the usually are doing well in Science. Preliminary results from the interviews show that students express feelings of relatedness to their school. Students also expressed experiences of autonomy especially in relation to programming. Conclusions are that the programs seems to have contributed to students feeling of competence, autonomy and sense of belonging in school.


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